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How do I create a Wowrite account?

You can create a Wowrite account using your Facebook profile or your email.

To register on Facebook:

Download the Wowrite app for iOS or Android.

Touch Continue with Facebook.

Log in to your Facebook account when prompted.

Wowrite does not publish anything on Facebook.

Grant Wowrite access to all required permissions.

Start meeting great people.

Can I sign up without Facebook?

You can log in to Wowrite either through your Facebook account or your email.

Note: These are separate logon methods. If you sign in with both accounts, you create two different accounts that can not be merged.

How do I set my search preferences?

Explore is the part of the app where you can view other Wowrite posts. To customize who you want to view specific posts, you can edit your filter settings.

To edit your filter settings:

Tap the filter icon in the upper right corner of your homepage.

Select the criteria you want to change.

Tap Apply.

These changes take effect immediately in Homepage.

How do I know my message has been read?

A read message is shown by the double tick which appears next to the message that has been sent. A single tick indicates the message has been sent, whereas the double tick shows that the message has been read.

What can I do against unwanted users?

You can block individual members, i. permanently prevent contact with this person. This can be directly in a message in options blocking. If you have blocked a member, this member can no longer send you messages.

For an overview of all profiles that you have blocked, go to Settings> Manage blocked users

A profile violates the terms of use. What can I do?

On the user’s post, report the profile , tap-triangle icon. Our support will then check the profile in question.

What can I do?

Wowrite has some rules that must be followed:

The Wowrite Terms of Use and

our guidelines for photos

and a generally reasonable and respectful approach to other members

i.e. no insults, racism, copyright offenses, threats, violence / glorification of violence, drug glorification, pornography, foreign advertising, harassment, fake profiles or media in word or image that contain the said.

How do I delete my account?

To permanently delete your profile:

Touch Settings.

Touch Delete account

Confirm Delete account.

Deleting the Wowrite Account from your phone will completely delete your account.